How To Get Rid Of Under Eye Bags (Revealed)



how to get rid of under eye bags• CUCUMBER SLICES -  A well known remedy for how to get rid of under eye bags.This replenishes the skin around your lower eyes.Place 2 cucumber slices around each eye over the darkened or puffy spot.For a good out come do this daily about 15 minutes with eyes closed (CLICK HERE).

4.1.1• TEA BAGS -  The ingredient tannin which is in tea bags slows down puffiness and discoloration.This works with warm damp caffeinated tea bags over each of your eyes takes about 15 minutes of course eyes closed.Put them in the refrigerator 4 hours prior so they will be ready to use (CLICK HERE).

Raw-potato• POTATO METHOD – Place a raw potato into a juicer and purge the whole potato then remove and place over unopened eyes daily use about 30 minutes then rinse with cool water (CLICK HERE).

m223898696 • FROZEN SPOON TECHNIQUE – this works by freezing a spoon for about 15 minutes. Then place froze spoon over dark or puffy area. don’t remove until the spoon is fully warm again (CLICK HERE).


When trying to determine which eye creams or serums to choose make sure they include vitamin C and anti-oxidants.This plays a big role in promoting healthy body functions these ingredients are a plus in any eye cream.These specific ingredients helps reduce signs of bags, dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles around the eyes. A high end eye cream with a combination of the right ingredients can over time remove  bags and dark circles for good this yields the best results.

How to get rid of under eye bags with a concealer to camouflage bags and dark circles this will hide the fact you have bags or dark circles until the eye cream removes them for good over time.Make sure that your concealer matches your skin complexion after applying your chosen concealer be sure to finish it off with a light application of translucent powder (CLICK HERE) .


eyelid surgery• Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty – Now a days instead of surgeon’s making a tiny cute on the outer part of the lower eyelid they make a small one on the inner portion of your lower eyelid.This promotes strong structuring making sure it’s shape is unchanged .

Blepharoplasty eyelid lift bagging eyelids before and after pictures idrarig propo• Fat Repositioning – Rather then sucking out the fat tissue under your eyes, the fat tissue is relocated in your  cheek bone. This technique fills dark circles and promotes more youthful fuller  upper cheeks.

• Las6139er Blepharoplasty – Theirs no scalpel needed for this procedure surgeons use a precise  laser to make a small cut in the lower eyelid tissue/conjunctiva. The laser also heals blood vessels as the cut is made. There is less scaring with a laser procedure.


Seasonal allergies are always a headache problem causing itchy,discoloration,and puffiness under your eye area.If this is so find out the root cause then treat the allergy. If you have any of these symptoms try to find out the cause and treat it.This is a common symptom for most Americans so treatments are sold over the counter or at your local pharmacy.

For other allergies like allergic reactions the best solution is to usually find out the cause could be a variety of things you came in contact with or exposed to in your home or work place .  If you cannot find out the cause you may have to see a specialist in the  dermatology field to see why you are having allergic reactions. Just a side note vitamins promote a strong immune system fighting off enzymes that cause people to get sick and be less vulnerable to seasonal allergens  taking multivitamins daily may help.

Nasal congestion can also block the capillary tubes resulting in bags under the eyes.

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Pinpoint The Causes Of Your Eye Bags

How To Get Rid Of Under Eye Bags How To Get Rid Of Under Eye Bags What Causes them

Under eye bags can be caused by a variety of things here are the main ones.

•  Thyroid dysfunction
•  Fatigue
•  Over exercising
•  Fluid retention
•  Toxic loads
•   Allergies

 How To Get Rid Of Under Eye Bags Stop Cases At The Root

Their can be a variety of  things attributing to your under eye bags genes can also play a factor but is not a main cause. Under eye bags are common in men and women.They normally appear in aging when the skin starts breaking down kids can also fall in this category from no sleep or fatigue. Commonly eye bags appear when a person doesn’t get enough sleep or just plain existed. Quick fix is is fit more sleep into your schedule at-least 8 hours.

Many international medicine providers have been testing the theory some eye bag causes are from a weak performing liver or kidney and this theory seems to be in some cases correct. Many test have proved how to get rid of under eye bags by promoting good liver and kidney functions, the dark discoloration or dark circles were far less visible. Under eye bags in no way are caused by liver or kidney disease, It may be very beneficial to further research these two because both purge your body of toxins which may play a factor in eye bags.

Aging Factors Play A Role In How To Get Rid Of Under Eye Bags

Aging plays a major role in eye bags as you get older your skin gets thinner do to collagen breaking down naturally make eye bags and discoloration more visible. In aging a process called glycation happens.This causes a reaction in cells refereed to cross linking and changes to your collagens and elastic fibers. This plays a big role in the creation of eye bags. Promoting healthy blood vessels is a must in the battle against bags or dark discoloration under the eyes. Weak blood vessels or capillaries will cause uneven fluid flow to the eye area causing puffiness. If you purchase any creams or gels to remove bags make sure their all in one meaning it must improve your skin over all from the inside out improve blood vessels, improve lymphatic drainage, strengthens collagens, and your elastic fibers.

Allergies, hay fever, sinus problems and nasal congestion eye bags

Seasonal allergies are common like hay fever and nasal congestion can play a major role  in the formation of eye bags.People never take in consideration environmental, food, medications, and supplements can also cause bags or discoloration. Allergic reactions can irritate skin causing discoloration, and itching . Also speeding up the visible appearance of eye bags. How to get rid of under eye bags caused by allergic reactions. This is common and only can be treated by finding what you are allergic to either by a doctor or yourself  this will reduce your eye bags dramatically.

Every Day Lifestyle Factors That cause Eye Bags

If you are a daily cigarette smoker, alcohol drinker, or morning caffeine drinker this can add to the problem in a major way.The tobacco in cigarettes reduces oxygen to the blood cells. In some medicine practices research shows that cigarettes reduces vitamin c in the body. A healthy level of vitamin c promotes strong collagens intern gives you healthy skin.The ingredients in cigarettes are a direct affect to your blood vessels which adds to your eye bag problems in a major way.

 Fluid Retention And Intake Body Factors

How to get rid of under eye bags when the body can not purge excess fluids tissues react causing edema. This leads to puffy eyes and dark discoloration.A variety of things can play a role in fluid retention. Also again take in affect a weak kidney or liver could also lead to major problems with fluid retention this is derived of international medical practices. Besides these medical practices, many other factors can contribute to skin disorders. To much salts and sodium’s in fried food,and fast food can worsen fluid retention problems. If the body has to much salt intake it increases blood pressure and affects health overall. Some medications affects tissue and causes fluid retention causing puffiness and skin fragility.

Their are over the counter medications for fluid retention.A more natural approach to this as building up a strong immune system is the quickest fix by giving the body vitamin c,  vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) , and  vitamin B6 (pyridoxine can help. Eye creams or eye gels that promotes vascular health like (GeneMe Skin Serum) or (Hydrolyze) could be of help how to get rid of under eye bags stay informed bookmark home page.



Detailed GeneMe Skin Serum Review


GeneMe Review How To Get Rid Of Under Eye Bags

GeneMe skin serum how to get rid of under eye bags, dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and restores skin color. The serum softens the skin and helps the skin produce it’s natural oils. GeneMe is a all in one product for your skin over all helps with eye bags to dry skin plus more.

With geneMe you get powerful results because the serum is genetically created to treat your skin specifically. None of the products on the market today can stand up to that because there targeted to one person in general. With geneMe, not one product is reproduced it’s personalized.

GeneMe how to get rid of under eye bags- The Technology

GeneMe serum works by aligning your Single nucleotide polymorphisms. Your SNPs or snips are responsible for different reactions in your genes, and the wrong reaction  can cause skin problems. SNP or Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms, there the key to a healthy body, skin complexion, good metabolism, and protein intake. GeneMe serum performs at a genetic level and stabilizes SNPs to promote healthier skin from the inside.

GeneMe Skin Serum – How it Works

Most of the products on the market today are so generic and superficial offering temporary solution. GeneMe is personalized to fit your needs and only yours. The product is derived from your genes by filling out a genetic assessment kit. assessment kit includes your DNA which is to be mailed to geneme. Once received geneme representatives analyzes your DNA to construct a serum tailored to only you. This is 100% effective something no one else in the industry can guarantee.

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Geneme skin serum is a scientifically  engineered product created only for you. The geneme process was created by geneme labs a break through in facial genetics .GeneMe is not like many products on the market today reducing skin problems the product really dives in to kill the problem at the root permanently. This is the only all in one product for all your facial needs from sun spots to eye bags plus more leaving you with younger more healthier looking skin this is how to get rid of under eye bags .

Detailed HYDROLYZE Eye Cream Review

how to get rid of under eye bags


Hydrolyze® Intensive’s is formulated with Vitamin C  this smooths visible wrinkles, soothes roughness, and over time reduces facial discoloration.

Manufactured with a specific blend of  bio-active  and peptides plant extracts, Hydrolyze Intensive rejuvenates problem areas and removes visible puffiness. Antioxidants prevents skin cells from breaking down this stops aging signs like bags and wrinkles.

It is also combined with a combination of caffeine that promotes micro-circulation and elevate saggy areas under the eyes.

Health & Beauty documented the trial of Hydrolyze, formulated by the industry leading skin care provider, Hydroxatone, to reduce signs of aging around the eyes. Their confident in their product giving consumers the chance to test and keep the product. 9 out of 10 participants reported visible reductions in dark circles, under eye bags, and wrinkles. Hydrolyze is giving away a risk-free trial .

“The product was tested for two full months, this was done for the purpose of providing a true unbiased detailed review of Hydrolyze,” consumer product tester, Cynthia Duran. “I’ve tried and reviewed various eye creams all though I found a product for my fine lines and wrinkles, I was in need of a solution for my under eye bags and eye puffiness, which seem to worsen with exhausting work hours.”

“I found some consumer reviews online about Hydrolyze which most were very bias and varied from good to bad.“I’m interested in the product I’m creating this review cause the ones I found were very vague , by testing the product for the full trial offer period then informing anyone thinking about buying my results.”

“The complete detailed review of  Hydrolyze is good,” said Duradn, “This product can get a little pricy but holds up to it’s promises    and delivers.unfortunately I’ve had bags under my eyes since my high school years it got so bad my family thought I was sick.  But now, I’m on the road to permanently removing under eye bags, and discoloration my facial appearance  changed dramatically. Hydrolyze is formulated to give you a good base so make-up, and concealers apply smoothly to the skin More importantly, I look fabulous in photos my confidence is at a all time high I’m just happier.”


I recommend doing your due diligence and take proper precautions when considering testing any product , “Order from the official product site  doing so, makes you totally transparent of product warranties and policies.

Hydrolyze is now offering yearly test trial offers, for more info visit Hydrolyze Official Website Click Here. “Again this is a test trial offer giveaway you keep the product at no additional cost give it a try. It’s a win win for people with eye bags nothing to lose except those ugly eye bags.

Eye bags are common in mid age women across the country according to annalist women spend billions yearly on facial products  trying to rejuvenate their youth. Products like eye creams, eye gels, and serums are the industries top salers in the fight against eye bags, fine lines, discoloration, and puffiness that could make even the youngest face look old.capture new 1



As a Ph.D in the Medical Science with supporting
degrees in biochemistry and pathology. I can
absolutely comfirm the effectiveness of Hydrolyze
Intensive on how to get rid of under eye bags




Tips On Getting Rid Of Under Eye Bags (Coming Soon)

How To Get Rid Of Under Eye BagsHere we reveal techniques on how to get rid of under eye bags reminder under eye bags are really not caused by lack of sleep or stress even though these two factors play a small role causing eye bags.The true nature of this comes from fluid buildup in your capillary tubes the out come is fluid blockage around the eyes causing dark circles and bags to appear.Aging also plays a role over time aging causes collagen to break down thinning skin making wrinkles and veins more prominent.


• cucumber slices,tea bags,sliced potatoes,frozen spoon technique

Hydrolyze, geneME Skin Serum

Visine, Naphcon-A, Bausch & Lomb

Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty,Fat Repositioning,Laser Blepharoplasty



CUCUMBER SLICES -  Cucumber slices are a well known remedy for tighting skin and overtime reducing puffiness and eye bags replenishing the skin around your eyes.This works by placing a slice over each of your eyes covering the darkened or puffy area.For the best results you should do this 15 minutes daily with your eyes closed.


When using eye creams try to make sure they have vitamin c and anti-oxidants.This plays a role in bags and dark circles these ingredients are a plus in any eye creams.Ingredients reduces puffiness and discoloration around the eye area. Long-term daily use of eye creams can possibly remove bags and dark circles for good seems to have the greatest results.


Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty – Today instead of  making a cut on the outer eyelid surgeons make a small cut on the inner tissue portion of your eyelid/conjunctiva. Making the inner cut strengthens the structure of your lower eyelid ensuring no damage and keeping it’s shape unchanged.


Allergies can also be a big root problem causing puffiness and a reddish discoloration under your eyes.If this is so find out the root cause then treat the allergy. Many people suffer from what you would call common allergies many of which you can buy over the counter at your local pharmacist.

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